LUSTRA (mirrors)

Running Time: 11 minutes
Dancers: 6
Premiere: MFA 2007 Concert – NYU Tisch Department of Dance, NYC

Additional Performances:
• 2008, Delirium – first PND multimedia evening length Production by PND
• 2007 Dumbo Dance Festival where the piece was selected to open the Gala Benefit Performances.

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Patricia Noworol
Performers:  Chrysanthi Badeka, Evangelos Poulinas, ChristinaNoel Reaves, 
Alexander M. Schwartz, Anna K.Whaley and Carlos A. Cruz Velazquez
Guest performers: Megan Madorin, Samuel Wentz, Elliott Reiland and Jaclyn K. Walsh

Original Music by Darius Jones and Marty McCaritt “AKA Birds in the Meadow,” 
Myth of Mitch and Sunny Kim “Explode,” “Dream”

Lighting Design: Brian Jones and Greg Goff
Costume Design: Patricia Noworol a. Malgosia Turzanska 

Camera , Video edited by Camille de Galbert 

Photos: Alexei Afonin, Ben Richardson



Lustra evokes desire in all of its modern complexities. The work physicalizes human feelings and conflicts surrounding love, jealousy, longing and isolation. Intense movement and interaction amongst the dancers provides an environment for these emotions to heighten and allows desire to gain control.  Video projections supply additional layers of dynamics as it shows the dancers in different locations, in different attitudes.

WEB DESIGN: Ava Savitsky

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