Noworol’s knowing juxtaposition of coyness and badassery sets up the material on display to be questioned rather than accepted at face value… weaving in their individual experiences and conflating a wide array of female perspectives into an impressionistic collage rather than a neat linear narrative.
Ivan Talijancic, The Brooklyn Rail, NYC July 2017
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Norowol’s work is physically expansive, athletic, and in-your-face… a rugged blend of familiar tropes from Capoeira, modern dance, and conversational gestures that range from casual to urgent.
Gus Solomons jr., Solomon Says, NYC June 2017
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A mild form of calculated insanity.
Jerry Hochman, Critical Dance, NYC May 2015
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Watching Noworol’s Replacement Place is not like spending an hour with a bunch of personable, talented people who are unafraid of risk or intensity (although they are all these things). It’s more like being at a wild party of strangers sizing one another up, or at a zoo at night, when stray growls come out of darkness and claws scratch metal.
Deborah Jowitt, DanceBeat, May 2015 NYC
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An awe-inspiring group of multi-faceted collaborators.
Jane Sato, Theatre Is Easy May 2015
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Noworol’s witty ?Culture meshes scrupulous designs with brashness, virtuosity, colloquial manners, outrage, and satiric political incorrectness…. Loud or silent, those performers are electrifying.”

What’s most gratifying about ?Culture is the skillful way Noworol structures the men’s moves… You might call her a postmodern dancer-choreographer.
Deborah Jowitt, Arts Journal, June 2013 NYC
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The choreographer, Patricia Noworol is fond of emotional and physical extremes… The dancers have skill. Shawndrick D. Hallman his mastery and control are marvelous. The acrobatic Sefa Erdik instills his tricks with a silky fluidity, and Patrick Williams Seebacher lends his popping a rubbery resilience. Dodzi Dougban, is deaf, which makes the stark, silent solo he performs near the start all the more haunting.
Gia Kourlas, New York Times, June 2013 NYC
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Patrica Noworol tore the civic picture of art and cultural funding!
Emily Jeuckens; November, 2012
German review
English review

WAZ, Germany
That Noworol hit the nerve of the audience with her art criticism was shown once again after the performance: with a standing ovation and thunderous applause, ending the evening….

Patricia Noworol is acidic. She does not want to add to the traditional, standardized traditions of art. She wants to break free!
Eva Hieber; Herne November, 2012
German review
English review

Westfälischen Nachrichten, Germany
This dance piece is about pure aesthetics, the virtuosity of the dancer and about the dance rehearsal drill, which led to this fantastic performance. Patricia Noworol plays her part excellent, presents herself in this award-winning evening as a sort of a prima donna…. She perfectly manages the challenge of showing the dirty side of the dance, but even so charms the audience.
Isabell Steinböck; November, 2010 Muenster
German review
English review

WAZ, Germany
As the dominant, without emotions and acting live choreographer Patricia Noworol explores with her production the cultural boundaries. It compels dancers to dance topless, tells candidly of her masturbation technique allows her ensemble to a soul- trip dance trip that sometimes splits with humorous passages for facilitating moments of relaxation. After about an hour of Dance Theater, there is standing ovation and prolonged applause for the PND…
Tobias Mühlenschulte; November, 2010
German review
English review

Time Out New York **** [FOUR STARS]
Circuits, provocative new piece.
If you already dig modern dance, Circuits will keep you hooked…

Isabella Moschen; August, 2009 NYC
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Infinite Body
Patricia Noworol’s fascinating Circuits feels sprawly and elusive…
Unusually tidy…curiously smooth and expertly controlled…
Every viewer can resurface with something different and interesting.
…Her well-coordinated team of dancers makes it rewarding…and gazelle-like choreographer herself.

Eva Yaa Asantewaa – publisher for Dance Magazine, Soho News, The Village Voice and The New York Times, among other print and online publications, August, 2009 NYC.
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Is there something new in the theatre these days?
I’ve now seen it in two pieces, Circuits being one of them.
…Noworol, a remarkable woman, both in her physical presence and her talent and courage…
They are full of youthful vitality and energy; their bodies toned, lean, and trained.
An interesting evening that I’m still thinking about.

Pamela Butler, August, 2009 NYC
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OffOffOff Dance NYC
OK, got me. Even having seen a dress rehearsal, I couldn’t tell what was real and what artificial in Circuit
…Circuits is two pieces in one, a theatrical exploration and a dance.
blur the lines between theater and real life.
..Noworol manages to mix them effectively and give them equal weight.
The dancers are well matched and well suited to the piece…
…Strong dancing and effective headmessing make this the most interesting Fringe Festival piece I’ve seen.

Quinn Batson; September, 2009
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…Some beautiful movement… expression, and exhaustion make the world go around…humor to an otherwise dark situation…
Leah Sands; August 30, 2009
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Patricia has an impressive resume and knows exactly what she wants to tell her audience and how she can surprise them…. she appears on stage and shifts the configurations, making new actions and connections possible…
This is the real art — both here, on the stage and in everyday life…
The dancers’ movements are full of passion and energy….
The audience laughs or is shocked and surprised, which is exactly what the choreographer wants…

Magdalena Szalikowski – Cerobski; August 2009
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Uniquely choreographed… Circuits does it beautifully and with bountiful energy!
Antonio Minino; August 2009
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Attitude, The Dancers’ Magazine Dance, USA Canada
The dancers were anything but ordinary!
Every choice made by the choreographer assisted them in locating the emotional roots, from how she shaped the space/divide between them, to how she sparingly used unison, and the extremes of weight, tension and dynamics.

Pat Catterson; November, 2009 NYC
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WAZ, Germany
The young people in HOMMA give much price of themselves. They make the audience think, laugh, wonder – yes, they make one to hang on to it.
Jennifer Kalischewski; August, 2010
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OffOffOff Dance NY
Patricia Noworol’s “For Four” is a dramatic quartet of great range!
Quinn Batson; October, 2009
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Wochen Blatt Herne, Germany
Es geht um Sie – Thrilling youth dance theater!
Bernhard W. Pleuser; October, 2010

In an original and moving way Noworol manages to expose the contradictory feelings that not only exist on stage, but in everyday life.
…The language of dance is universal. Delirium is the best proof of that!

Alexandra Cieslak; Culture, June 2008, New York City
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In Delirium, opposite emotions that coexist in impossible and often incomprehensible configurations, Patricia Noworol make them more understandable through dance!
Alexandra Cieslak; Culture, May 2008, New York City
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