Running Time: 60 minutes; no intermission
(can be arranged for various durations from 15-60 minutes)

Dancers: 5

European Premiere: November 2012, Flottmannhallen Herne, Germany
part of the 8th POTTPORUS Urban Street Art Festival

US Premiere: June 2013 , Danspace Project, New York City

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Patricia Noworol
Performance: Ibou Biaye, Shawndrick D. Hallman, Patrick Williams Seebacher,
Sefa Erdik, Patricia Noworol
Assistant: Deborah Sophia Leist
Dramaturgy: Martina Gimplinger
Lighting Design: Jens Piske (German Premiere), Greg Goff (US Premiere)
Costumes: Patricia Noworol and Martina Gimplinger with special thanks to Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany
Music: Missy Elliott „Work It”, Alva Noto „For John Cage”, Lyric Quartet, Michael Riesman & Nick Ingman „The Poet Acts”, Murcof „Reflejo”, Red Hot Chili Peppers „Get on Top”, The equals „Black Skin Blue-eyed Boys”
Photos: Lena Hedermann
Camera and Trailer: Oscar Loeser

Culture Press


WAZ, Germany
Patricia Noworol is acidic. She does not want to add to the traditional, standardized traditions of art.
She wants to break free !

November 2010; Eva Hieber

In ?Culture (?icKultur), the choreographer in collaboration with Renegade (Herne, Germany) pulls gritty, urban culture from the streets to blend it with what we know of renowned, educated dance, acting and breakdancing to push real human passions in to the theater of today. Watching it all collide, we witness an insightful look at contemporary culture.
Together with her dancers, Noworol questions the condition of being an artist and therefore, of being oneself. The piece asks how much freedom, opportunity, and risk are left in an artistic work if an explanation is expected in every stage?

?Culture (?icKultur) Production was originally commissioned by Pottporus e.V./Renegade (Herne, Germany) and supported by the Spitzenförderung NRW 2012-14 awarded by the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen.
2013 New York City performances are being produced by PNDT.

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