HOMMA youth production (Listen)

Premiere:  August 2010 (Herne, Germany)
part of the Twins 2010 (Wave to Community Project)

Running Time: 60 minutes (can be arranged for various durations from 10-60 minutes)
Concept, Direction, Choreography: Patricia Noworol
Set Design idea and Costumes: Patricia Noworol
Assistant, Production Manager: Kama Frankl

Production / Choreography Assistant: Ulrike Reinbott

Performers: Simon Wolant, Jens Rüther, Kajan Visuvalingam, Rachel Becker, Elcim Sayguen, Franziska Lüthi, Jasmine Majchrzak, Chantal Staack, Mathias Kowalk, Sophie Motta, Christopher Thiele

Lighting Designer, Camera: Oscar Loeser

Stage Manager, Sound, Technical support: Peter Rachel
Sound und Sampling: Tobias Bartsch

Special thanks to Klaus Koch for the technical support.
Press / Public Relations: Julia Figdor
Produktion: Pottporus e.V./Renegade – Young Pottporus
Photos: Kama Frankl
Camera and Trailer: by Oscar Loeser

Homma Press


WAZ, Germany
“HOMMA” dance and drama that makes you think, laugh, and wonder.
Yes, it makes you hang on to it!

Hömma!” is a youth dance theater by and with young people aged 13-20 years. The New York choreographer Patricia Noworol developed with the young people a performance of dance, word and play based on the descriptions of their hometown and life there.

With the three elements of water, camera and chair the protagonists of the evening their share the relationship and the artistic representation to the town of Herne: The water element is translated into flowing dance movements, the chairs are part of the stage and part of the game, and the camera connects the different rooms of the events.
Just as the city is a stage for people’s lives, so the stage becomes a city. Everyday life is hectic and fast, sometimes it brings them somewhere else, and sometimes it starts and ends here, so sometimes you find yourself somewhere, sometimes in between.
The relationship of young people with their homes, the perception of, and experiences and dreams in it are fragments on their way to adulthood. It is the school, the family, the desire for love and friendship, which present a challenge to shape their lives and to situate them. The result is a collage that is different, a personal picture of their hometown Herne.
Wave to community – was form in 2008 for young people from the European partner cities Herne (Germany), Konin (Poland) and Wakefield (England). What these cities have in common are their waterways, what unites them is the encounter of their ages 13-20 years. Theay have worked for over a year together, participated workshops together and visited in the cities, to get to know their partner better.

Production: Pottporus e.V. Association in cooperation with the Twins in 2010 (Wave to community) and the city of Herne.

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