Running Time: 10 minutes

Premiere: 2008, Second Avenue Dance Company March Concert-NYU Tisch Dance, NYC
Additional Performances: DanceNow Raw 2008, La MaMa Moves Dance Festival 2008, Delirium Performances by PND, the Hatch Presenting Series, and the American Dance Guild Festival
Running Time: 10 minutes
Dancers: 2

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Patricia Noworol
Performers: Hunt Parr and Yin Yue (Gary Schaufeld, Elliott Reilland – guest performers)
Original Music composed by: Karlan Judd

Original Text Written: Patricia Noworol, Hunt Parr, Yin Yue

Recorded voices: Hunt Parr, Christina Noel Reaves and Yin Yue

Costume Design: Patricia Noworol a. Malgosia Turzanska 

Lighting design: Simon Cleveland and Greg Goff

Video edited by Patricia Noworol

Photos: Alexei Afonin, Ben Richardson



Attitude, The Dancers’ Magazine U.S. & CANADA
The dancers were anything but ordinary…. Every choice made by the choreographer assisted them in locating the emotional roots, from how she shaped the space/divide between them, to how she sparingly used unison, and the extremes of weight, tension and dynamics.
Fall 2009: Pat Catterson

The central theme of this piece is communication or the lack thereof in an encounter between a modern day metropolitan man and woman.  Examination into the emotional aftermaths of these encounters and how they are manifested in the physical body were subjects dissected. Two extreme styles of movement are employed: strong and impulsive, even jerky physicality contrasted with a more fluid, trancelike, releasing quality. During the live performance, a video projection is displayed on the rear wall capturing each of the dancers’ facial expressions throughout the performance. In one view the entire and microscopic angles are exposed. 

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